Signature Samosas

Traditional Potato & Veggie
Delicious stuffed traditional pastry with perfectly seasoned potatoes and mixed veggies.

3pcs for $1


Jerk Chicken ( N E W )

Stuffed pastry with minced jerk chicken

Caramelized Sweet & Spicy Onion
Stuffed pastry with seasoned sweet & spicy caramelized onions.

2pcs for $1.89

Spinach & Sweet Cream Cheese
Stuffed pastry with sautéed spinach & sweet cream cheese  2pcs for $1.89

Butter Chicken
Stuffed pastry with our famous butter chicken.

2pcs for $1.89

Devil Chilli Chicken
Stuffed pastry with our devil chilli chicken.

2pcs for $1.89

Minced Curry Beef
Stuffed pastry withminced beef and a fusion of masala spices.
2pcs for $1.89

Spicy Minced Lamb
Stuffed pastry with spicy lamb curry and well seasoned potatoes. 
2pcs for $1.89


Curry Chicken
Stuffed pastry with spicy chicken curry and well seasoned potatoes. 
2pcs for $1.89


Chickpeas & Tamarind
Stuffed pastry with channa masala (chickpea curry) and a blend of sweet tamarind sauce with curried masala potatoes.
2pcs for $1.89






*signature samosas are all of the above samosas except (traditional potato & veggie)*



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